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June 24, 2018

Today, we learned how to use different kinds of sensors, like the Ultrasound Sensor and the Touch Sensor. We did different programs using the sensors. We practiced some programs on Virtual Brick and some on our own robots. We also shared our Core Value homework and Christopher presented his finished version of our team logo. Our homework for this week is to continue working on our Core Values Homework, which will eventually be completed with all the core values, and experiment with the program "Arm Position". We are going to put our Core Values HW on this doc. The learning website is http://curriculum.cs2n.org/ev3 -- Robotics EV3 Carnegie Mellon Curriculum.

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July 15, 2018

Today, we learned how to use loops in our programs. Loops are needed if you have to do the same action over and over again. For homework, we are supposed to practice loops with the program "Container Handling" in Virtual Brick, and continue with our Core Values.

Please, if you have not already, upload your HW to the blog.

We learned Coppertition. Coopertition is a mixture of the two words cooperation and competition. It is pretty much when one treats everyone nicely, not only from their team but also from other groups. An example is when we went to High School North to present our team�s robot, also known as an outreach. Someone from the other team told Someone, one of our team members, that he will give him a dollar if four people give them money. In that case, it is not necessary to treat your competition in a rude way just because you�re supposed to be competing with them.

Core values

Team Members Core Values

Team members

  1. Alex
  2. Angela
  3. Christopher
  4. Jamie
  5. Leanne
  6. Yvonne

Core Value Definitions

Discovery: We explore new skills and ideas.
We learned that you could get lonely so we thought about making something called virtual mom and dad. (example) 1. Put on virtual reality 2.You can choose to watch a video or pictures of your mom or dad.
Innovation: We use creativity and persistence to solve problems. When I was building the robot we didn�t have a piece so we made up this piece and it worked. Impact: We apply what we learn to improve our world. We learned that you could get lonely in space. So we thought about virtual mom and dad. Inclusion: We respect each other and embrace our differences. No matter what age you are we respect everyone equally. At each meeting we help each other. Teamwork: We are stronger when we work together. When we were building our missions for our robot we all got to build so the building part was faster. Fun: We enjoy and celebrate what we do! I enjoy the robotics team meeting, building parts, and core value.


Here is a robotics virutal brick user guide view | download

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